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So many hats and just one head!

Three of the greats. Humphrey, Frank and James knew the importance of the Hat. I need to start by stating that anyone can wear a hat. Saying you don’t look good in a hat is like saying you don’t look good in shoes! You just need to find the perfect one that you […]

Holiday Style? No bother.

Heading away on a well deserved break, whether it be to Connemara in Ireland’s wild west or to a sunny hot spot in the Mediterranean brings with it a challenge. To see how much fun and relaxation you can cram into a week? Well there is that, but also there is the […]

Five days of High Street style…

It’s been a tricky little week dressing with the nutty Irish weather…what I’ve come to realise is that once you have an umbrella in your bag, you can really wear what you want! There are plenty of stylish ones in Topshop and New Look. They don’t have to be black or tartan! […]