Five days of High Street style…

It’s been a tricky little week dressing with the nutty Irish weather…what I’ve come to realise is that once you have an umbrella in your bag, you can really wear what you want! There are plenty of stylish ones in Topshop and New Look. They don’t have to be black or tartan! And a boyfriend blazer is wonderfully convenient for the chilly moments of the day. The one I have below is 70euro from Topshop and I get great wear out of it. A neutral colour is good so you can bang it on with anything!

Hat – New Look
Blazer – Topshop
Hareem Trousers – Topshop
Boots – New Look
Gold Bracelets – Aldo
Lipstick – MAC ( MAC Red)

A slinky little number calls for perfect fitting magical underwear!La Senza is where my hidden pieces are can’t see them..that’s how you know they’re good!

Dress – Awear
Belt – Chain off a handbag
Shoes – New Look
Nail Varnish – Revlon ( Blackest black)
Ring – Miss Selfridge

T-shirt – New Look
Jacket – Miss Real at Dunne’s Stores
Jeans – Pull n Bear
Blue boots – No Name

Windy, but very mild day so why not wear a yellow dress and bring my own sunshine to the day!
(Shorts underneath is a must! well..or not.. whatever you’re into!)

Hat – New Look menswear
Dress – New Look
Shoes – New Look

These pants are crazy and that’s why I love them.

Aviator Jacket – Awear
Black vest – New Look
Scarf – Pulse Accessories
Hareem ‘hammer time’ pants – New Look
Ankle socks – Falke at Brown Thomas
Shoes – New Look

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