Kate Moss, Gimme your Style!


I stumbled upon this image of Kate Moss and absolutely love the look she’s so wonderfully demonstrating. It’s effortless. A very easy breezy, cool as you like get up, and so simple to recreate. 


Some of the pieces you probably have in your wardrobe already and if you don’t they’d make a good investment. They are all fairly run of the mill staple pieces to own. Kate thank you for filling our heads with stylish ways of putting outfits together.

Lets start from the eye catching scarf Kate’s wearing. It’s bold, so go for something in a strong colour. The scarf pictured above is from Marks and Spencer’s and is £25. You could pick a scarf up for next to nothing in a charity shop, ask your granny for one or go find one from stores such as Accessories, H&M, New Look, wherever you fancy really. It doesn’t have to be green…maybe pick your favourite colour and go with that.

This black long sleeved tee is perfect for looking put together with little effort. It’s slick. From All Saints at £75. It’s a little pricey, but great quality and something you will get PLENTY wear out of. I think it’s rockin.


Ahhh hats…aren’t they great. This beautiful one is pure wool from M&S and £25. It’s  really luxurious in the flesh. Hides a hideous cut from your hairdresser if needs be. Or a greasy fro!

Something Kate wears a lot of is a black blazer and sure who doesn’t have a black blazer? No really who doesn’t because you need to go get one! This is a bargain in H&M at £29.99. Worn with jeans or over a cocktail dresse you’ll be looking classy and like you don’t give a shit. Effortless cool. What Moss is all about.


You can’t beat a decent pair of black boots. They are so handy to wear  with tights and a dress or over or under jeans..with hot-pants..however you deem wearable really! Maybe not with hot pants…unless you’re going to the Ballinasloe Horse Fair…! The pair above are Red Herring from Debenhams, £50 on sale on their website at the moment. Very good value and they will see you through the Winter months. 



We ALL have a pair of black tights…although we may NEVER be able find a pair when we actually need them so go treat yourself to a few pairs. You know where you can get them…Primark…Dunnes…M&S…Topshop…your local petrol station! These Falke ones above are available at www.mytights.com. I chose to feature these as they’re called…’ Falke Sensual Touch Silk Cashmere Blend Tights’…Oh how could I resist! Imagine getting a rub off them!? At £37:45 you better make sure your toe nails are well filled down! A rip in these bad boys may break your heart as well as your bank!

To complete the look and to carry your phone, lip balm, chewing gum, car keys and crumpled up receipts your determined to hold onto, is this gorgeous Tumble & Hide shoulder tote for £125.00 from House of Frasier.

It’s a perfect size to carry what’s needed without looking like a Mary Poppins wannabe. The brown also stands out nicely against the black and green of your overall look.

Now. Off you pop you gorgeous model in your stylish ensemble to your rock star husband…

Well…or maybe to Tesco to pick up some milk and toilet roll!

2 thoughts on “Kate Moss, Gimme your Style!”

  1. Hi there!

    I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your Kate Moss article! I’m a huge fan of Kate, she is just so stylish! It is so cool you show people how they can get her look! I’d love more articles like this! It’s great! Saves me having to thrawl the high street too! LOVING the site, thanks for doing such a great job!x

    1. Hi Kate!

      Thanks so much for getting in touch. I’m delighted you liked the article showing how to get Kate’s style. How fabulous you share the same name!!! I will take your comment on board and most definitely do more articles showing how to get other Moss looks! She’s a great Style Inspiration. I look forward to getting more of your feedback!

      Thanks again,

      Style Angel x

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