At what age is showing your middrift just not ok?


Diane Kruger is 36 and she doesn’t seem to think she’s too old…


Is it a case of, if you have the body why not show it off? Or is there just something slightly uncomfortable about seeing a woman in her late thirties baring that area?

I do really like the printed silk trousers from Prabal Gurung’s pre-autumn/winter 2013-14 collection she’s wearing. But there’s something that doesn’t sit well with me when I look at this photo and I think it’s the stomach on show. The skimpy black top seems to cheapen her overall look. Maybe if she covered up the tops of her arms even?

Diane is just one of the latest in a string of celebrities to step out in midriff showing numbers…but the difference is these ladies only showed a hint of stomach, which I actually think looks perfectly fine. The trick is to have your skirt / trousers come above your belly button, or show skin to the left or right but the key to getting away with this look is NOT showing the belly button.





fullApart from Rhianna’s skirt needing an ironing, she looks elegant with her skimming top.

"On The Road" New York Premiere - ArrivalsEven though Kirsten looks like she’s wearing shorts a little too tight, she still gets away with the midriff on show.

cat_deeleyCat just about gets away with this. She needs the skirt slightly higher. She looks like she’s holding her stomach in and she looks uncomfortable!

Back in the 90’s everyone was at it…





Is it coming back? Was it okay then because these women were younger? Back then it looked like it was purely to show off the fact one had a flat stomach, now it seems to be more about the actual clothing. When there’s only a slither of tummy on show it looks far more slick. For me I think if you have to ask, ‘Am I too old to show my stomach in a belly top? ‘ Then yes you are too old. Less is more ladies. So for the perfect example of how to show a little midriff flesh but not too much think more along the lines of this….


And LESS along the lines of this…

Miley Cryus24-20130205-5

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