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What to wear? Wear what YOU want

Don’t change your style for anyone. I shaved part of my hair off a few years ago and LOVED it! After a couple months I was deciding whether to shave it again or grow it out. My boyfriend at the time offered me money to not shave it! Unbeknownst to […]

Electric Picnic 2016 Check-list

If you’re heading to the sold out Electric Picnic 2016, here’s a list of everything you should pack. By the way you’re one lucky sod. Important Bits n Bobs Tickets Id Phone Charger Money Camera Torch Hat Sunglasses Tent (with pegs, mallet and poles!) Sleeping Bag Food Drink Water A […]

My top 9 Electric Picnic pics from 2012

Time to really get excited for Electric Picnic 2014…Throw back to 2012 to get the appetite wet!

Red Hair for Summer 2014?

Vogue Magazine tells me this summer is all about the red head??? Damn it I just went blonde! I must say I enjoyed my time as a red head. It was the colour I got most compliments with. So why the change? Well I think any girl who has ever […]

9 Electric Picnic Essentials with pictures!

If you are lucky enough to be┬áheading to the now sold out Electric Picnic Festival there are some items you should definitely bring. There are plenty more things you will want but the following are absolute essentials. The rest you can borrow or do without but make sure you pack […]