What to wear? Wear what YOU want

Don’t change your style for anyone. I shaved part of my hair off a few years ago and LOVED it! After a couple months I was deciding whether to shave it again or grow it out. My boyfriend at the time offered me money to not shave it! Unbeknownst to him I actually had decided to grow it out, but I took his money all the same! Served him right for trying to change my style!!!



But it got me thinking about people who change their style depending on the people who they’re with. Why are people trying to change peoples look? Unless someone tells you they are unhappy with their sense of style and want your help, let them be! We should be celebrating how people want to dress. Whether you think someone looks ridiculous, tarty, ugly, too glamorous, who cares? Why do you care? If they are happy, content and not hurting anyone then just leave them to it!


I remember going to a local disco K2 when I was in my teens and girls bitching about how I looked. I was shocked, why did they care? My brother told me it was to prepare me for my future! For a second I was a little out of sorts then I thought f$*k them! Who cares what they think! That “f*$k it” attitude has seen me through a lot over the years! That and confidence! Being confident it key to having a happy life. I lived in a small town called Tralee in Southern Ireland for a year. While there I had 24 inch Platinum blonde hair extensions when NOBODY was wearing hair extensions. I wore fun colourful outfits, sometimes dramatic make up, all sorts and I COULDN’T BELIEVE the way treated people me! I had moved from a city where nobody took a second look at me, to a small town where I was gawked at constantly! I stuck out like a sore thumb. It got to me again for a second, but then I just remembered f&*k it! who cares! I was happy how I looked!

tralee 131

So just wear what YOU want. Don’t dress for your boyfriend or your girlfriend. Don’t dress for other girls, just dress for you! Get other peoples opinion if you like but at the end of the day, YOU be happy with how YOU style yourself! Look in that mirror and accept your style for all its fabulous glory, no matter how it appears and if anyone looks at you funny, just say F%*k it, who cares what they think. If they make a comment like oh I don’t like your shoes, just say well it’s a good thing you don’t have to wear them then!


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