10th Day of Christmas

Ten lords a leaping! Lordy! As a former Irish Dancer, the first thing that springs to mind when I hear this is 10 Michael Flatelys jigging about, skipping here there and everywhere all over my house! No true love sent me leaping lords, but they’d of had a blast with the milkin maids and the dancin ladies.

Ah well maybe next year my one true love will send them. For now I have these pleather pants. Flately would definitely approve!


Ah such joy they bring me on this the 10th Day of Christmas. So did you get an Advent Calendar? I rarely remember to sort one out by the 1st of December. Then I spend a few days beating myself up about it and usually sort one out and have to open up nearly all the days at once! If you are organised you have two more window’s to open/drawers to pull/bags to open up. The excitement of the Advent Calendar is wonderful! Now if you haven’t already got your nails sorted for the big day why not get the polish out and do them tonight? You want them looking pretty for all that present opening. ┬áIf you have no polish why not treat them to a little massage with some oil or moisturizer.

I hope you’re saying Happy Christmas to everyone you pass on the street. That smile you give someone could make their day. Christmas spirit is a powerful thing!

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