11th Day Of Christmas and it’s bright!

Eleven pipers piping. Yessssss please! This I would love to have had sent to me by my one true love but alas no pipers came. Imagine they had? They’d have been jigging about like Michael Flatley and I would have joined in and loved it! But eleven of them, there’d be no room round the table for Christmas dinner so maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t come. They’d have been up to ninety anyway with the milkin maids and dancin ladies. The house would have been far too wild and it’ll be wild enough with the folk in it already!

So I sorted myself out with this.

12 Days of Style from www.styleangel.ie

An old skool vintage ‘Magnificent World of Trolls’ t-shirt! BOOM! Christmas has arrived early with this dreamy top. That one true love would never have thought of something like this t-shirt. That’s the great thing about giving to yourself. You know what you love. So you’ll never be disappointed!

12 Days of Style Purple Skirt Pink Skirt 024_edited

So folks. It’s Christmas Eve! Wow. How excited are you? Are the children all nestled and snug in their beds?

Are visions of sugarplums…no no not another song don’t worry, the 12 days are enough I’m sure!

Well it’s all come down to this. And tomorrow. Well and Stephen’s Day.

How are you feeling?

I hope wherever you are, you’re warm, at peace and feeling happy and content. That is my wish for everyone.

I hope you have a lovely relaxing Christmas Eve. If you have no presents to give tomorrow, remember your presence to those who love you is enough. And if you happen to be on your own perhaps watch something funny on the box or online? Father Ted Christmas special is pretty funny and festive! And don’t forget to have a look up in the sky tonight and see if you can spot Santa Claus. Happy Christmas Eve to one and all. Christmas is magic.

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