3rd Day of Christmas

Right so my true love should have sent me three french hens today? What’s the story with all the feathered creatures? Is my true love living on a farm? Or just shopping for gifts to impress me on one?

Listen I can’t remember the last time anyone sent me a hen, nor did my true love, on this the 3rd day of Christmas send me one. But what I did get were these purple Disco/Ski pants? YEAH You’re seeing things right, I went there. Purple is an awesome festive hue so why freakin not. Disco pants get a bad rap sometimes and I get it. Worn in certain ways they can look extremely sexay but if people want to look sexay then let them go ahead and do it! (Just do it like my sneaker ticks say!)

purple disco pnts

If you look closely you’ll notice I have a pretay cool top on. It’s only THE LITTLE FREAKIN MERMAID! Hello! How awesome is that! Double whammy on today the 3rd day of Christmas Style. This brings me back to being a little kid and reminds me of the magic of Christmas.


Now get into that kitchen and get your mouth around another mince pie, have you only had like 4 today? Come on. And that tin of roses isn’t gonna eat itself. Wow, how weird would that be if it did!

HO HO HO Mother feicers not long left! I’m off for a ski in these pants!


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