4th Day Of Christmas

Calling birds? What the flip are calling birds? And why does my one true love need to send 4?

He didn’t send me any to be clear, but why 4? Just to go with this song or is there a more sinister or practical reason?

What are they? Like carrier pigeons or something? Are they useful? Could I call them on the blower and have a chat with them or do I physically need to call out to them? What a weird gift. I’m glad my one true love didn’t send me them, or any of the other stuff he should have sent me according to this song on previous days.

Instead I sent myself these beaut Louboutins. They’re too pretty to describe. The picture tells more than I ever could.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA¬†Oh pardon! You caught me just as I was getting out of the bath…

Just over a week left. Have you started to panic buy yet? Shit shit shit, get your sister another gift or she’ll be raging come Christmas day when she sees shes spent more money on you than you have on her. She’ll have that ‘You’re so stingy dagger look in her eye!’ Whoop whoop not long to wait until petty Christmas tiffs!


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