7th Day of Christmas, getting close folks!

Seven swans a swimming? Well he went all out this day didn’t he! Well he didn’t actually. My one true love didn’t send me any swimming swans. Probably a good thing seeing as I don’t have any sort of a lake or pond in my garden to keep them. Where would they go? Hmm possibly some of them could have stayed in the bath for a bit but I’d say they’d need a bit more room than that. Your one who got sent all this stuff by her one true love must have had some amount of acreage. Seriously. She wasn’t a city slicker anyway living in an apartment with all these animals falling out of her wardrobes spilling out onto her wooden floors.

12 Days 018

My one true love would never have found this vintage green woolen jacket. Faux wool of course. That’s not a thing. Wait is it? That’s just synthetic wool then? hmm bit too deep for a 7th day of Christmas. 7th day? Jeepers tonight. Today’s the day you receive a Christmas card from that friend you forgot to send one to who’s now living in Australia and of course it’s too late to send her one back. Ouch. You’ll send one anyway and blame the ‘Christmas postal service’.

12 Days 011_editedJust having a look down at the oul leg there, see if it’s still nice and pasty white. It is. Perfect!


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