8th Day of Christmas

8 Maids a milking. This one true love is definitely a farm boy. Does he realize what people actually want for Christmas? Nobody I know has ever told me, ‘Do you know what, for Christmas I really want 8 maids a milking. I know it’d be really expensive but it’s what I want.’

So it’s all gravy that my one true love didn’t send me 8 milking maids. (gravy..THE GRAVY!!! Quick, get BISTO TODAY! Don’t forget) So he sent no maids milking or otherwise, but that’s grand because I’m too busy with this incredible jumper to care about the lack of milking maids my one true love didn’t send.

12 Days 047_edited

Christmas jumpers…Did you get one? Do you secretly love yours? Does it light up? Is it cheesier than cheese on toast with a side of cheesy fries? Frys! YESSSSS The Irish Christmas breakfast for the relatives home for it. Slabs of meat pilled high drenched in butter. Mmm yumballs.

Time to watch some Christmas movies by that fine Christmas tree. Yes you do need more baubles on it round the sides. Stick your feet up and wrap that dressing gown round tight. Tis a cold one out there.

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