9th Day of Christmas

Nine ladies dancin! Ahhh if only my one true love had of sent me these, we’d have had great craic! Nine ladies dancin, non stop I’d imagine, how awesome would that be! There’s generally music always on in my abode so those ladies would have the time of their lives. Unless they don’t actually enjoy the dancin? In that case it’d be a little bit sad, but surely once you’re dancing you’d have to feel happy..yeah surely. Anyway rather than think too much more about that especially as my one true love sent me zero ladies dancing..(9 dancing men did show up at my door- but I’m guessing they had the wrong address or wrong song- either way I sent them on their way)

12daysfinale 019_edited

Got these great boots instead. Unbearable to walk in but look kinda cool so they had to get in the 12 days. Today of which is the 9th! My goodness how quick are these days going by! (Same speed as always actually!) What’s it time for now? If you’re already off work you’re probably planning what you’ll be watching and when. About to finish up work you’re probably thinking of just that. And getting a few last little bits. Hope you’ve got yourself a nice outfit picked out to wear? Something comfy? Something glam? What do you go for? New pijamas and slippers for opening pressies? Everyone has their little traditions. Although every year I’m different, sometimes I pick something special out, other years I haven’t. Growing up we didn’t get new Christmas clothes for Christmas day, so it hasn’t been a big deal really, so who knows what I’ll end up in! I promise not to post a picture of me in a dressing gown! Enjoy the┬áChristmas spirit floating through the air…Santa is nearly ready to board his sleigh! Hurray!!!

12daysfinale 036_edited

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