Six Geese a laying? 6th Day of Christmas

What exactly are these geese a laying? Like newborn baby geese? I don’t want to see that so luckily that one true love didn’t send me any not 1 or 6. Phew. This purple beaut of a sparkling skirt is here instead of laying geese. Oh maybe those geese were just laying down? Like for a nap? But sure can you imagine the noise once they were awake, squawking round the place. This purple skirt is far more hassle free. That festive purple again.

12 Days of Style Purple Skirt Pink Skirt 061_edited

So have you had a Christmas party? Anyone made a show of themselves yet? In front of someone they fancy? Ah don’t worry. They’ll have forgotten by the new year. Or you could move jobs and claim ‘New Year, New Start!’

12 Days of Style Purple Skirt Pink Skirt 079_edited

If you’re off out gallivanting, be safe and have fun, go on ye scamp get them festive gargles inte ye. Hot chocolate at the Christmas market, hey who’s that pouring the mulled wine into themselves lunch time at the office? You….ah go on ..It’s Christmas! Ah well nearly…

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