The 12th Day Of Christmas

AHHHHHHH BRILLIANT TWELVE DRUMMERS DRUMMING!!! I wasn’t expecting that! My one true love sent me them! All twelve! Nahh he didn’t really but sure it doesn’t matter cause it’s CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Christmas you stylish people of the world!

Is it snowing where you are? It’s cold and fresh here, perfect weather for today.

Did you get what you want?

Did he purpose?

Did she say yes?

Did the dinner turn out alright?

Is someone drunk yet?

Get off the internet and enjoy yourself with that family of yours. You’ll treasure these days with loved ones. (even those continuous arguments!)

12daysfinale 009_edited

I’m grand. Look I’m decked out. Who needs a one true love with a heap load of mad elaborate presents when you can sort yourself out with a cosy outfit like this. I’m off to stuff my face.


Peace out, and Happy Christmas everyone. Much love x0xo


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