32 Counties Of Style : The Style of a Nation

How stylish are the Irish? Sure lets find out!

I’m inviting everyone to come join me on a journey across Ireland. Have you ever wondered what the lovely people of Cork wear? Have you paced the floor trying to figure out what the style is like up in Donegal? Have you lay awake at night and thought Jesus if only I knew what those Dublin jackeens wore when out and about I’d sleep easy. Well wonder no more. Style Angel is here to get answers and bring you the style of our nation.

Each week I’ll be travelling to a new county to see what stylish people we have on this Emerald Isle. For 32 weeks I shall span the width and breadth of this glorious island documenting my findings via vlogs and blogs. You’ll find each video on my You Tube Channel, ‘Ava Leonard’ every Sunday. There will also be blogs right here and little extra bits on Facebook where I’m ‘Style Angel’. If you’re a tweeter you can follow the action @MissAvaLeonard. Be sure to drop me a line or tweet if you think there’s something I MUST check out in a particular county.

I’m tremendously excited to see what the style is like out there. First up is Dublin to kick off the action. Get looking sharp people of Dublin! Style Angel is on the prowl! Check out the first episode this Sunday 1st of Feb.


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