32 Counties of Style: Episode 1 – Dublin

I have to say I had a great day shooting the first episode of 32 Counties of Style. It started in Ireland’s capital, Dublin. The stylish people ran between the rain drops in pretty skirts, wrapped up in fur on a cold Irish day.

The people I chatted to were really lovely. I met an elegant Russian, some sophisticated Brazilians and two chilled out Dubs. There was great variety in the city. I could have shot an hour long piece with so much on offer!

I met a very pleasant older woman who looked incredible but didn’t want to be filmed as she was convinced she wouldn’t know what to say. I didn’t push her but instead had a nice chat. We talked about body shape and the limits set on petite figures which aren’t necessarily slim. Anyway she was a real darling.

I had wanted to include some male style of course but one didn’t want to be on camera and another who admittedly I had to follow, disappeared down a lane! It was raining and cold. There simply weren’t many men about! They were indoors brushing their beards and tightening their top knots I assume.

Here’s the footage. I hope you enjoy it! New episode every Sunday. x

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