32 Counties of Style: Episode 2 – Wicklow

Wicklow! Where were you all hiding yesterday???!!! I imagined Saturday would be busy in Bray. There was a lot of traffic on the road but there wasn’t much on foot!

By the sea was heaving with walkers wrapped up in hats, scarves, sporty tracksuits and sneakers. Very outdoorsie style! But I don’t think people are hugely interested in me chatting to people about their fleece jumpers and grey trackie bottoms! (Maybe you are and I’m missing something here!!!)

I managed to find a few really nice girls willing to chat on camera. Two of them fellow brace wearers! Loved that! Maybe their metal attracted my metal and that’s what drew me to them!

I think perhaps the weather is still a little cold for most people to be out hanging around waiting on me to wander past them!

Anyway here’s today’s episode and it’s on to the next county I go! I love Ireland! This is great craic!

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