32 Counties of Style : Episode 4 – Co. Limerick

Limerick – probably the friendliest county in Ireland!

I am very impressed with the people of Limerick! They were so pleasant on my recent trip. A bunch of chatty, helpful, lovely folk down there. I tell you what though, I’m finding that a lot of the Irish population are very camera shy! I understand people don’t have the time to see that they are looking their best when I pounce on them on the street randomly! I get it. We live in a “selfie” age where people want to look their version of perfection at all times, especially when on public display.

In all in anyways here’s how I got on down south in Co.Limerick. PS: Love their accent!

PPS: Here’s a Limerick.

There once was a lady from Ireland
Who reported on the style cross the island
She chatted about the style
Travelling over hundreds of miles
And is still going so can’t finish this Limerick!

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