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Tonight I’m Wearing…

PINK! I’ve a floor length pink skirt on with a slit that goes high to my thigh. That leg is getting out tonight!!! I’ve teamed it with a pink top with a big oul bow on it. I swear I’m happy but this face doesn’t really show that! Have you […]

What to wear to Electric Picnic (for Men too!)

Much to my surprise I received an email from a man asking what to wear at Electric Picnic Arts and Music Festival. A man reads my website! Which made me think perhaps other men read my website! So I thought instead of just replying to him I would create a post featuring […]

Today I’m Wearing…

  Double denim. It’s freakin Friday YEAH! My shorts are from Topshop and the shirt is from New Look. I went on a denim shirt spree awhile back and own about 5 of them. I love how comfortable they are. I particularly like them when they’re buttoned right up to […]

Make Your Own Necklace

I got this colourful ”Make Your Own” necklace which I want to bring to Electric Picnic Arts and Music Festival. I’m trying to come up with three separate words or phrases to wear on each day of the festival. So far I’ve come up with the following. I’ve got all […]

Today I’m wearing…

  A grey hat from Marks & Spencer, a little tutu type skirt, a denim shirt and a little navy belt with black boots. I got SOAKED yesterday but today the skies are looking clear so fingers crossed it stays dry!!!! Still rocking the legs out look and happy about […]

Today I’m wearing…

A red dress. Talk about stating the obvious what! Simple red dress from Mango. It’s loose fitting around the stomach which makes it really comfortable. I’ve gone for some bold red lips too, sure why not! It would be a great dress to bring on holidays. It’s easy to dress up […]

Today I’m wearing…

Fur, Print and Leather. All Faux! With only 9 days until Electric Picnic Arts and Music Festival I’m starting to get in the festival mood and dressing accordingly (minus the wellies!). I love this FPL combo especially the fur waistcoat I got in BT2 on Dublin’s Grafton Street. I brushed it […]

Electric Picnic 2015

Photo by Gregory Nolan Important information for all those attending this years Electric Picnic Arts and Music Festival… IT’S ONLY NINE DAYS AWAY!!!! WHOOOP WHOOOOP! That’s all. I’ve added this nifty countdown clock to my website so you can check back at any time to see how long is left […]

Today I’m wearing…

Fur and grey. Grey is on of my favourite colours to wear. It’s such a gentle soft shade. The dress looked a little dull so I added a fur collar for a bit of va va voom of a Monday! I’m so into wearing dresses at the moment after my […]

Dublin Summer Street Style

I recently shot some street style on a rainy day in Dublin City. And would you look it’s another dripping wet Irish day today so these pictures are very appropriate for this Sunday reading. Check out Emanuel from Blanchardstown looking fresh in his padded button up shirt. I love that his trouser […]