The right way to hang a bauble!

I’m shocked I actually once thought this was the way a bauble was supposed to sit on a Christmas tree. It’s not.


I’d buy a box of baubles wonder why there was gold thread randomly stuck in the box, throw that thread out and decorate the tree.

Then one year I got new baubles. They had thread on them and were really easy to hang on the tree. I thought, why don’t all baubles have thread like…oh my GOD! That golden thread! All the years I’d been buying cheap baubles that you were supposed to thread yourself with that “random” golden thread that came in the box! There was me shoving each bauble on the branch! Most of the time the golden loop would pop off so I’d just ram the end of the branch in the┬áhole in the top of the bauble! Did anyone else do this?

Don’t be a fool like I was for so long. Hang those baubles as they were intended to be hung, with their golden thread.

babubles finished

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