9 Electric Picnic Essentials with pictures!

If you are lucky enough to be heading to the now sold out Electric Picnic Festival there are some items you should definitely bring. There are plenty more things you will want but the following are absolute essentials. The rest you can borrow or do without but make sure you pack these…

1) A Hat

Hats are great for festivals which go on for a few days. On day 1 your hair may be beautiful  but by day 3 of that rain with no hair dryer no dry shampoo will save you! A stylish hat will cover any sort of mess. They will have them on sale at Electric Picnic but you can pick one up to be one the safe side from any shop on the high street. If you aren’t a hat person I would bring a big can of dry shampoo available in a variety of colours at local pharmacies. Cans cost from 3 quid up. Dry shampoo will at least leave your roots looking less greasy! If you don’t like dry shampoo, then I suggest a nice hairband!



2) A Poncho / Raingear

You cannot predict what kind of weather will greet you here in Ireland. Many a festival I have run out of dry clothes and the last resort has been a big colourful poncho! You can’t beat them. You can pick them up in pound shops, the high street and also the Picnic will sell them but they could sell out so be prepared, bring your own! Camping shops should also stock them. If you’re worried about how they look, you won’t give a sh1t when the rain is pouring down and you’re nice and dry underneath!

45th Pinkpop Festival


3) Toilet Tissue

Having toilet tissue at a festival is a magnet for making friends! You never know how good portable toilets will be stocked when you need them so bring your own.



4) Wellies

Some may say these are not essential, but if you are at a rainy Electric Picnic and there is mud you’ll be glad of them trust me! Watery muddy sludge will destroy anything but wellies, well maybe work wear boots could hack the sloppy conditions but wellies are the best way I say. Make sure to get socks long enough to cover the top part of the wellies otherwise they may start subbing against your legs and hurt them.





5) Sunglasses

I’d leave designer sunnies at home unless you don’t mind losing them. If the sun is shining and you’re trying to check out your favourite act on the main stage you want to make sure you can see to the best of your ability, and you’ll look cool too.



6) Your ticket and id

Imagine rocking up without your ticket or relevant id and not getting in! Yikes what a tragedy! Some young looking people may get asked for id so bring it along.



7) A Phone

When you’re heading to a festival I’d buy a basic phone for 20 quid and leave your fancy phone at home. There is a huge chance you will lose it. Make sure you have all your friends numbers, it’s topped up with credit and fully charged. Electric Picnic has tents where you can charge your phone for a small fee.



8) Cash

The queue to get money out of the ATM at a Electric Picnic is generally huge. You don’t want to miss out on the festival fun by standing in a queue so bring cash and have it on you in some place safe.

Geldscheine und Münzen Euro Kassensturz


9) A Hoodie

For those cold evenings, perhaps freezing nights! a hoodie will be like you have suddenly hit the jackpot. The warmth, the cosieness, the hood! Oh glorious. Better still why not a light up hoodie! Available from Electric Styles on www.etsy.com for under 40 euro!



Man this has me gagging for Electric Picnic! Remember these are just absolute essentials. A more comprehensive checklist of what I would bring to Electric Picnic shall follow in the next few days so check back in. If you’re heading to one of the many festivals this bank holiday weekend, stay safe and have a rip roaring mad one, GERRRRUUUUUPOUUTTTTADAT!!!


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