Personal Style

Today I’m wearing…

A black John Shevlin Trilby. The rest isn’t important really. I’ve a black vest, black leather jacket, blue skinny jeans which are an incredible fit from G Star. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of jeans I highly¬†recommend trying G Star. The staff know the product well and are […]

Today I’m wearing…

A white vintage dress with blue and pink leaf print. This is so easy to wear. The length is great. There’s nothing to worry about. Just throw it on and totally done. I love when dressing is this easy! I’ve a navy three quarter length faux leather jacket on and […]

Today I’m wearing…

A black faux leather jacket. It’s my go to jacket but it’s starting to fall apart from washing it at inappropriate washing settings! I really need to start paying attention to washing instruction labels. Under my go to jacket is my go to 1960’s baby doll pale pink flimsy night […]

Today I’m wearing…

A pink vintage bomber jacket with butterflies laced with golden sequence. Have you ever seen the likes?! I love this vintage piece. The cotton candy pink goes nicely with blue denim. Something very girly about this! My denim shorts are super short but not so short you can see my […]

Today I’m wearing…

Some pink pleats are the order of the day. I’ve dipped in and out of pink throughout my life. Right now I’m back in it again. I like it¬†with black and navy. I think they compliment it well. They let the pink pack the punch. Some days all I want […]

Vintage Dressing

Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of vintage clothing. I love this particular dress because of it’s striking bold print. It is the easiest item of clothing I’m wearing right now. It falls below the knee so all I have to think of is what footwear to pair it with. […]

Irish Summer Style

You never know what you’re going to get with an Irish summer. It’s a beautiful surprise! That’s why this particular outfit was very fitting for today’s typical Irish summers day. From bottom up…wellies because there are puddles everywhere from last nights rain, a skirt because it’s really humid, a three […]

Irish Blog Awards 2015

The time has come. I’m off to the Irish Blog Awards! Very excited to meet fellow bloggers and see what everyone is wearing. I also really want to thank one of the sponsors Tan Organic for creating such a brilliant product! I’m tanned up to the nines! I decided an […]