SOSU Beauty Nail Review

Hi everyone! A very Happy New Year to you. I hope it has started well! As I write this I am finishing off the last of the Christmas chocolate Santa’s!!! Oh my word HOW is there any chocolate still left!!! So! I have been wanting to try SOSU Nails for […]

32 Counties of Style : Episode 4 – Co. Limerick

Limerick – probably the friendliest county in Ireland! I am very impressed with the people of Limerick! They were so pleasant on my recent trip. A bunch of chatty, helpful, lovely folk down there. I tell you what though, I’m finding that a lot of the Irish population are very […]

32 Counties of Style: Episode 3 – Meath

  Slane Slane Slane… This week I took a last minute trip to Meath. I was due to visit another county earlier in the week but had to cancel as I got viral gastroenteritis. I’m still not totally better. Lost all the weight I put on over Christmas. Every cloud […]

32 Counties of Style: Episode 2 – Wicklow

Wicklow! Where were you all hiding yesterday???!!! I imagined Saturday would be busy in Bray. There was a lot of traffic on the road but there wasn’t much on foot! By the sea was heaving with walkers wrapped up in hats, scarves, sporty tracksuits and sneakers. Very outdoorsie style! But […]

32 Counties of Style: Episode 1 – Dublin

I have to say I had a¬†great day shooting the first episode of 32 Counties of Style. It started in Ireland’s capital, Dublin. The stylish people ran between the rain drops in pretty skirts, wrapped up in fur on a cold Irish day. The people I chatted to were really […]

32 Counties Of Style : The Style of a Nation

How stylish are the Irish? Sure lets find out! I’m inviting everyone to come join me on a journey across Ireland. Have you ever wondered what the lovely people of Cork wear? Have you paced the floor trying to figure out what the style is like up in Donegal? Have […]

Red Hair for Summer 2014?

Vogue Magazine tells me this summer is all about the red head??? Damn it I just went blonde! I must say I enjoyed my time as a red head. It was the colour I got most compliments with. So why the change? Well I think any girl who has ever […]

At what age is showing your middrift just not ok?

  Diane Kruger is 36 and she doesn’t seem to think she’s too old…