H&M Necklace – in love!

I absolutely LOVE my new necklace from H&M. It’s available in gold and silver. I opted for gold. I’ve been searching for something like this for AGES and I am thrilled to have finally found it. I thought I’d share it with everyone in case someone else has been searching […]

The 12th Day Of Christmas

AHHHHHHH BRILLIANT TWELVE DRUMMERS DRUMMING!!! I wasn’t expecting that! My one true love sent me them! All twelve! Nahh he didn’t really but sure it doesn’t matter cause it’s CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Christmas you stylish people of the world! Is it snowing where you are? It’s cold and fresh here, perfect […]

11th Day Of Christmas and it’s bright!

Eleven pipers piping. Yessssss please! This I would love to have had sent to me by my one true love but alas no pipers came. Imagine they had? They’d have been jigging about like Michael Flatley and I would have joined in and loved it! But eleven of them, there’d […]

10th Day of Christmas

Ten lords a leaping! Lordy! As a former Irish Dancer, the first thing that springs to mind when I hear this is 10 Michael Flatelys jigging about, skipping here there and everywhere all over my house! No true love sent me leaping lords, but they’d of had a blast with […]

9th Day of Christmas

Nine ladies dancin! Ahhh if only my one true love had of sent me these, we’d have had great craic! Nine ladies dancin, non stop I’d imagine, how awesome would that be! There’s generally music always on in my abode so those ladies would have the time of their lives. […]

8th Day of Christmas

8 Maids a milking. This one true love is definitely a farm boy. Does he realize what people actually want for Christmas? Nobody I know has ever told me, ‘Do you know what, for Christmas I really want 8 maids a milking. I know it’d be really expensive but it’s […]

7th Day of Christmas, getting close folks!

Seven swans a swimming? Well he went all out this day didn’t he! Well he didn’t actually. My one true love didn’t send me any swimming swans. Probably a good thing seeing as I don’t have any sort of a lake or pond in my garden to keep them. Where […]

Six Geese a laying? 6th Day of Christmas

What exactly are these geese a laying? Like newborn baby geese? I don’t want to see that so luckily that one true love didn’t send me any not 1 or 6. Phew. This purple beaut of a sparkling skirt is here instead of laying geese. Oh maybe those geese were […]

5th Day Of Christmas

Finally!!! Something that would be truly exciting to receive at Christmas, 5 Golden Rings! Chi ching! Nice one. Unfortunately my one true love didn’t send me five golden rings. But that would have been nice. I think they may have gotten lost in the post. Not to worry. Instead I’ve […]

4th Day Of Christmas

Calling birds? What the flip are calling birds? And why does my one true love need to send 4? He didn’t send me any to be clear, but why 4? Just to go with this song or is there a more sinister or practical reason? What are they? Like carrier […]