The right way to hang a bauble!

I’m shocked I actually once thought this was the way a bauble was supposed to sit on a Christmas tree. It’s not. I’d buy a box of baubles wonder why there was gold thread randomly stuck in the box, throw that thread out and decorate the tree. Then one year […]

Dying your own clothes

I’ve had this blazer for a few years and I never wear it anymore because the colour does nothing for me! I needed a black blazer and because this one fits me perfect I thought I would try dying it myself. So I headed to Hickey’s Fabric shop and got […]

D.I.Y denim shorts

I love denim. It is so versatile, classic and easy to wear. I’ve had a few pairs of jeans that I was going to throw out as they were worn out. Then I realized they would be perfect to turn into shorts! Denim shorts are such a great option for […]

Dublin Street Art

Inspiring and creative street art from the streets of Dublin, Ireland.