Christmas Day Outfits for Lads and Ladies

I feel like there are 5 takes on Christmas day dressing.

1) Comfy Casual 

This one is really relaxed and comfortable. It’s warm, easy, no fuss and a great option for a Christmas day walk or for chilling out around the house.

2) Super Cosy 

Some people spend Christmas day in cosy festive pijamas, lounging by an open fire. One hand is in a box of Quality Street and the other is on a warm mince pie while Home Alone is playing on TV. What a lovely way to relax!
3) Casual Dressy

Other people like to look a little dressy but still casual enough to feel like they’re comfortable. I think this is me. You might have to go visit friends or family or maybe they will visit you. You want to look like you’re a little dressed up but not completely decked out which leads me to…

4) Super Dressey

Some love to go all out on Christmas day. They will wear a sparkley dress with all the trimings. Maybe they’re off to a party or just love to get all dolled up.

5) Cheesey Christmas

The 5th take on Christmas day dressing is the cheese factor. This calls for a big ole Christmas jumper, festive hat, flashing earings and some sort of furry boot or reindeer slipper!
Maybe you change switch your outfit during the day depending on your plans. So over the next five days I’ll be posting 5 looks based on these styles in case you’re having a hard time finding something to get kitted out in.
I’ll be doing options for the lads and lassies so everyone is taken care of.

Today is the Comfy Casual Christmas day outfit. Everything from these looks today are from New Look. You can order online here. If you’re ordering from Ireland order before 16th of December to get your package in time for Christmas day. If you’re ordering from another country check the delivery cut off dates here

Comfy Casual Christmas

Grey Glitter Christmas Day Sweater

Now €14.99 (Was €19.99) 

Cameo Rose Black Coated Stud Leggings


Black Suedette Chelsea Boots


Since posting this, New Look have sold out of the white hat I featured (it is available in black though!) so here is a similar one.


Cream Cable Knit Faux Fur Bobble Hat



And for the lads who want to be Comfy Casual for Christmas Day.

Mens comfy casual

Grey Skinny Chinos


Grey Cotton Basic Crew Neck Jumper


Black Basic Padded Jacket


Grey Suedette Desert Boots


Black Colour Block Cable Knit Bobble Hat


Tomorrow I’ll be back with Super Dressy Outift ideas, so if that’s more your style come back and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy. There’s a particular dress that is AMAZING! And a blazer for you handsome men out there that looks so sharp, James Bond himself would be well impressed!

Hope you have a lovely Saturday.

Back tomorrow! x

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