What to wear to Electric Picnic (for Men too!)

Much to my surprise I received an email from a man asking what to wear at Electric Picnic Arts and Music Festival. A man reads my website! Which made me think perhaps other men read my website! So I thought instead of just replying to him I would create a post featuring examples of festival appropriate looks. I’ve done 3 options for the lads and the same for the ladies.

I’ve taken the products from what’s currently available on amazon but obviously these kinds of clothes can be found everywhere. We’re not reinventing the wheel here, just putting items together that will have you looking stylish and festival ready. It’s just to give an idea and some inspiration for those who need it. You probably have plenty of stuff in your wardrobe that’ll work like a charm. Remember at the end of the day once you’re comfortable and happy in what you’re wearing then just go for it.

Whether you’re a season pro or festival virgin knowing what to bring to wear to a festival can be a little tricky.  The only real reason it’s tricky is because of the unpredictable weather and limited space to carry much.

Some people are happy to wear anything and stick a poncho on if it rains. That’s some people. There have been a couple of occasions I’ve resorted to a poncho but that was in extreme cases. It was Oxygen festival about ten years ago and it rained the ENTIRE time. Everyone’s clothes had run out by day 1! Since then I only once had to wear a poncho for a few hours on a day of heavy raining.

Electric Picnics weather has always been fairly fantastic! There have been showers but none so heavy that you would have to keep changing outfits and run out of all the clothes before there was even an act on a stage! This year it’s forecast to be fine weather so fingers crossed.

We’ll take it that like me you aren’t happy to just wear ‘whatever’ and stick a poncho on if it rains. But if you want to get that poncho for 3 euro in Dunnes to be on the ‘safe side’, if that makes you feel better then go right ahead.

Gregory Nolan - Electric Picnic 2013 - 288a969c-1318-11e3-987b-720952d2a5e4 - OriginalPhoto by Gregory Nolan

It’s important to also remember that no matter how warm it is during the day, IT WILL GET COLD DURING THE NIGHT! So yes be excited that the weather is suppossed to be dry and warm, but that is during the day. It could potentially hit freezing point at ungodly o clock in the morning so be prepared for that. Any time I’ve been to Electric Picnic the coldest has been 4-6am. Now of course you could dance to keep warm but at some stage you may find your way back to your tent to rest your head so being able to wrap yourself in something cosy is essential. Then you’ll wake at 9am in your tent ROASTING ripping off all your clothes with the sun burning the sides of your tent gasping for a slug of water!

So here you have it 3 days 3 outfits.

You’ll probably head down on Friday morning full of gusto and excitement. Comfortable travel wear is always a good start. You want to be wearing something that you don’t have to even think of. You’ll be focused on carrying a bag on your back, another bag in your hand, a crate of cans in your other hand, a phone in another hand calling your mates (hold on how many hands is that???!) and balancing a sleeping bag on your big toe. The last thing you want is to be yanking up an ill fitting strapless top. So wear whatever comfy gear down and then just change or stay in that gear for your first day. Whatever you want!


Electric Picnic Ladies Style: Day 1

First day you’ll be nice and fresh. Starting off with a dress, as plain or fancy as you like is a good option. Some pretty knee high socks, wellies and a warm coat for when it gets cool. Have a pair of cosy tights in your bag in case you need them!

Electric Picnic Ladies Style: Day 2

Little bit rough around the edges today so a can of dry shampoo may be called for. Batiste in the scent Tropical is a great brand and smell. It will have your head looking decent again however wild things got last night! Your shades will definitely come in useful in that bright light of day. I think sunnies are a great way to inject some colour or a bit of fun into your look at a festival. Cross body bag very handy so you don’t have to worry about dropping it while dancing.

Electric Picnic Ladies Style :Day 3
You’ll definitely need a hat today unless you make use of the showers and blow drying tent. There’ll be plenty of stalls selling hats so you’ll be able pick one up at the festival if you need to. You know your way round everywhere at this stage so get yourself to the woods and have a good rave for yourself!

Now onto the lads

Electric Picnic Style Lads: Day 1
It seems so much easier to dress when you’re a lad! Throw on jeans, t-shirt, wellies and Bobs your Uncle and Irene’s your ma! Suppose ladies could do the same in fairness!

Electric Picnic Style Lads: Day 2

There may be those amendment about not wearing wellies so here’s an option! But risk getting your lovely kicks wrecked if there is a little down pour and things get muddy!

Electric Picnic Style Lads: Day 3

You’ve made it to day 3! Congratulations are in order! Enjoy.

And that’s it! Really just wear whatever you love to normally wear and add wellies! Or go get crazy looking shirts and big flamboyant dresses. It’s all acceptable at Electric Picnic which is the lovely thing about the festival. Everyone is welcome in whatever get up they want to rock up in!

If anyone wants to email me if they still aren’t sure go ahead. Otherwise just dress like you’re a member of Kodaline, Kate Moss or going to a fancy dress party. You’ll fit in no matter what so you can’t make a mistake. Perfect!

Only 4 days to go! Get washing those clothes and packing your bits!

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