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Irish Blog Awards 2015

The time has come. I’m off to the Irish Blog Awards! Very excited to meet fellow bloggers and see what everyone is wearing. I also really want to thank one of the sponsors Tan Organic for creating such a brilliant product! I’m tanned up to the nines!


I decided an up do for my hair would best suit this look. Check it out! Clothes wise I’ve gone for my tulle skirt that I made. I adore it. I feel incredible in it! Like I’m really dolled up. Underneath I’ve a black off the shoulder dress on. My shoes are dainty little soft pink numbers with black bow detailing. Accessories wise I’ve a black clutch , pink gloves and black biker jacket. Right let’s get this awards ceremony started! Off to the fabulous Lillies Bordello. Many a good night I’ve had in this place, this one will be another to remember.



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