Last Minute Outfits for Electric Picnic

So you’re going to Electric Picnic YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS but it’s completely last minute and you don’t know what to bring to wear…It’s all good, continue reading and you’ll be just fine!

Electric Picnic is about having fun. You can wear anything you want and get away with it, trust me. NOBODY CARES what you wear to Electric Picnic. That is the beauty of it. There will be people in Christmas Jumpers, girls in booty shorts, men in ball gowns, lads in tracksuits and everything in between. You’ll see perfectly put together ‘festival style’ fashion and run of the mill plain shorts and t-shirts. If you like experimenting this is a great environment to really go for it.

There are some things to remember.

1: Night time WILL BE FREEZING. It doesn’t matter how great the sun shines during the day in Stradbally, once that sun sets the chill starts to descend. You WILL need warm clothes. So bring the following:

– Thermal leggings / thick tights / warm trousers.
– A hoodie or warm coat.
– Warm clothes to fall asleep in.
– A hat.
– Socks. Thick ones. Over the knee if you’re wearing wellies.

2: Make sure you have enough clothes for each day and bring back up outfits for if you get rained on. Or bring a poncho.

3: DON’T WEAR A JUMPSUIT OR PLAYSUIT. They are the most impractical items of clothing at festivals. Really. Going to the toilet in a port a loo is bad enough without having to deal with something you have to completely deconstruct in there. Stick to skirts, dresses and trousers.

4: Only bring clothes that you’re ok with getting wrecked. You have no idea how messy you will get this weekend. You don’t want to spend any amount of time upset about some drunkard spilling cider all over your white silk dress you bought on some trip to London.

Day Time Festival look 1:

Long Sleeve top. ( you can remove it if it’s cracking good weather)
Boots. Whatever style you want. Or stick on the wellies. You really can’t go wrong with wellies.

For night time just add tights and a warm coat and hat.

Day Time Festival look 2:

Floral headband or a hat! To hide your hair! Or bring dry shampoo – You’ll definitely need it by Day 3!
A comfy t-shirt.
A skirt.
Sandals. It’s good to have these and wellies just in case it is really warm.
Big ole coat.

Day 3:

Nobody is looking at what you’re wearing by day 3. You’ll be too busy having the craic. I’d go for jeans, a vest top and biker jacket. Or another dress with a jacket. Dresses are just so easy.

Hope this helped! If you want to see an Electric Picnic Checklist of EVERYTHING to bring, click here

Go and enjoy. Yipyaaaaah

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