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Moisture boost in 5 minutes!

I used the Simple 5 Minute Reset Hydrogel Mask for the first time today. It appealed to me because 1 mask is meant to be equal to 40 days of moisturiser! Soft dewy skin was a mere 5 minutes away! FABULOUS!

I cleansed my face first, then stuck the mask on. It comes in 2 sections, one for your forehead and one for around your mouth. I LOVED the fact it stayed stuck to my face while I was upright. I was able to wander round the house doing other bits while the time passed by!

It tingled a little while it was on but nothing painful! After the 5 minutes I took the mask off, rubbing the excess gel on my neck.

The results? My face definitely looks dewy. It still feels a little tingly but also incredibly nourished. I’m very happy with it. For ‚ā¨2.67 in Tesco ( currently 33% off) you can’t go wrong. A lovely 5 minute moisture boost. I would definitely recommend. ūüėä

You can get a box of 20 at Amazon if you fancy stocking up! Or spreading them out among friends! ūüėĀ

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