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NO to Dungarees

Say NO to dungarees and when asked say NO, What part of No do you not understand, the N or the O?

My cool new earrings

  I am LOVING my new illusion earrings! I just received them from designer Rebecca Wang-Leonard. They are from her new accessories collection, ‘Ducks In A Row’. What a great name! The range is available at and features some absolute gems, you need to go check it out. Lions […]

Supersize my Bags!

  Now and then a trend comes along that works not only as a directional style statement, but as one with actual functionality. Fantastic news! Super-sized handbags hold the key to this elusive fashion conundrum. They look fabulous, your hard-earned purchase will definitely be seen – but even better, their massive […]

Kate Moss, Gimme your Style!

  I stumbled upon this image of Kate Moss and absolutely love the look she’s so wonderfully demonstrating. It’s effortless. A very easy breezy, cool as you like get up, and so simple to recreate.    Some of the pieces you probably have in your wardrobe already and if you don’t they’d make a […]

The Stylish ? Union Jack

What is England’s obsession with the Union Jack in Fashion? The only place I’ve seen the Irish Tricolour on clothing, is in Carroll’s gift store, Ireland’s most famous. They have a few t-shirts, boxers and thongs. That’s it. And no offence to the buyers at Carroll’s, but the items are not particularly […]

Is this what you were looking for?

      As a follow up to my previous posting on Beckhams new underwear range for H&M I thought I’d bring you photographic evidence that the campaign is well and truly in full swing. I took these pictures on the Oxford Street branch of H&M. No joke, people were […]

Kelly Brook Dresses in New Look NOW!!!

    Here is the link to the feature  Xposes did on the Kelly Brook range of dresses for retailer New Look. The range is available in selected New Look stores now. These sequenced beauties, are perfect for the party season which is about to kick in to full swing. […]

Four Live Appearance

  Some people have asked me for this, so here it is! It is the link to today’s ‘Four Live’ show, which I appeared on to do some styling. It was a wonderful experience out in the studios of RTE.  Presenter Maura Derrane and super stylist, Darren Kennedy, were both so friendly and fun! Thank you […]

Electric Picnic Fashion Show 2011

Well wasn’t I only delirah and excira when the wonderful Deirdre Mahon of ”Quack & Dirk”, asked me to model for her at Electric Picnic. Its been a month since the joyous occasion and now I get to re live it all over again as I share my experience with everyone.