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Make Your Own Necklace

I got this colourful ”Make Your Own” necklace which I want to bring to Electric Picnic Arts and Music Festival. I’m trying to come up with three separate words or phrases to wear on each day of the festival. So far I’ve come up with the following. I’ve got all […]

Dying your own clothes

I’ve had this blazer for a few years and I never wear it anymore because the colour does nothing for me! I needed a black blazer and because this one fits me perfect I thought I would try dying it myself. So I headed to Hickey’s Fabric shop and got […]

D.I.Y denim shorts

I love denim. It is so versatile, classic and easy to wear. I’ve had a few pairs of jeans that I was going to throw out as they were worn out. Then I realized they would be perfect to turn into shorts! Denim shorts are such a great option for […]