Tipperary Crystal Candle



Ah candles. There soft warm reassuring glow makes us feel instantly better about life! I think they are the best and most affordable way to bring a sort of peace to a room and lift a persons spirit. Light and fragrence are the most effective and easiest ways to improve your homes mood and ambiance. Home interior candles allow you to provide both!

Lately I have been using Tipperary Crystal candles. So much so that my family are now buying them for me as gifts which is fantastic! I thought I would share one of their new scents from their latest collection that has just arrived in stores for Christmas.

I smelled the three options they had in stock and hands down my favourite is this one, Winter Spice. Insert love heart eye emoji here!!!! It is just beauuuuutiful.




It smells like vanilla and nutmeg to me, a musky light spiced fragrance.

The other two were very festive. They smelled of stronger spices, cinnamon and while they were lovely, they were just too Christmasy for me right now as it’s still October!!!

Winter Spice is a light pretty scent. The thing I love about all the candles I’ve ever got from this brand is the scent is never over powering. It leaves a lovely smell after a few hours of being lit but it’s not really intense, just perfect. It also is nicely priced at just under €12 and it comes in a glass jar, which I’ll admit, I keep and reuse!!!! It’s perfect to use as a glass to drink from if you’re stuck or to hold makeup brushes and the likes! They have done a fab job with the festive packaging. The boxes look elegant and stylish.




It is said that relaxing with candlelight can help to reduce stress. Studies show that soft light is calming on the body. It’s fascinating how many uses for candles there are! Candle therapy, meditation, celebrations, romance, gifts and of course practicality! What a wonderful creation!

I love supporting Irish business as well and when the product is perfect like this it’s a total win. I got my candle from Cara Pharmacy which have stores all over Ireland. Now time to go light up! Love cosy Sundays! x


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