Today I’m Wearing…

Ava Leonard

Roll up roll up…Today I’m wearing what appears to be a circus masters coat! But I love it so who freakin cares! I’ve a black vest on underneath and high waisted burgundy shorts. I’m Ron Burgundy???

Have me some cosy black tights on too and my little brown boots which still haven’t been repaired. The heels are now worn down to the exposed nails! Yikes! Really have to get them fixed up!

Think I’m going to post what I’m wearing at Electric Picnic from tomorrow until Friday as I’ll not be doing any uploading of daily outfits while I’m down there and I’d like to road test the outfits first.

Warning: Some outfits may look a little crazy! Bare in mind ANYTHING goes at Electric Picnic.

Back in the morning! 🙂

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