Today I’m Wearing…

Outfit and Angel 043_edited_2

A neon stripey number. I’m thinking of bringing this to Electric Picnic. It’s really comfortable and I love its vibrant colour and pattern. I got this really cool ring recently. It’s a gold band with a blue pyramid on top. Normally I’m not one for jewellery but this caught my eye (not literally! although it is quite sharp so I need to be a little careful with it!!!)



If you’re planning on wearing fake tan to Electric Picnic today is the day to shave those legs and give yourself a good scrub. If you haven’t any fancy scrubs use some salt and a facecloth and sand that skin down! Preparation is key when getting a flawless self tan application. When tomorrow comes round your skin will be in perfect condition to slather yourself in your tan ready for washing off in time for Friday morning.

I want to share these fake nails I got in Boots. I like to wear fake nails every now and then especially for something like a festival when you can really go all out! I chose these crazy ones by House Of Holland. They look a little loopey but that’s why I love them. They have FUR POLKA DOTS ON THEM! How could I not buy them!




So exciting that the rest of the stage times have been released today. I’m planning out my whole weekend, with room for wandering of course and discovering new talent randomly but there is just too much great music to miss out on, so a little bit of planning before arrival is a big advantage and you’ll see all your favourites. Knowing what act you want to see and when and where they’re are on before you even get to Stradbally is brilliant!

I’m off to get organizing outfits and packing!

Back in the morning 🙂


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