Today I’m Wearing…

ava leonard

A mans shirt.

I bought this shirt to dress up as a man. The man in question was McGruber. I dressed up as a man to impress a man! I looked exactly like him. Unfortunately or fortunately, I’ve no pictures of it! I’m not sure why I thought dressing as a man would impress a straight man! I thought it would be hilarious because we both loved the film McGruber! I surprised him where he worked dressed head to toe as McGruber! I even had the wig and stubble drawn on my face! I suddenly thought ”what the fuck am I doing” when I had to ask his work colleague for him because he was upstairs when I arrived!


He had no idea who I was especially when I just kept saying all of McGrubers catch phrases for the first five minutes! I then had to tell him it was Ava. He kissed me and asked if I’d take the wig off!

I’m no longer with him, but I kept the shirt!

I’m thinking of wearing it to Electric Picnic with these shorts from Topshop, this blue vest and these white Ray Bans. It looks a little plain but I think for Saturday day time it’ll be a nice comfy relaxed look for wandering about.

If you haven’t seen the film McGruber I highly recommend watching it.

Happy Electric Picnic Eve!!!! If you still have to pack here’s a handy checklist to make sure you have everything.

Back in the morning 🙂


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