Today I’m wearing…

Style Angel Daily Outfit Black Trilby

A black John Shevlin Trilby. The rest isn’t important really. I’ve a black vest, black leather jacket, blue skinny jeans which are an incredible fit from G Star. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of jeans I highly recommend trying G Star. The staff know the product well and are keen to help you find the exact fit you want. I have G Star jeans for years that are still perfect. They are worth every penny.  You know when you wake up and crave comfort? Well that’s how I woke up today. I felt really under dressed for the day ahead and thought I know what I need. A John Shevlin trilby. Classic, stylish, comfortable and practical. Everything I could ever want! It instantly lifted my outfit to look far more put together.

Hope you enjoyed this week of outfits. I’ll be back with more daily outfits on Monday. You’ll see me then bright eyed and bushy tailed! Check out Sunday when I’ll be posting my weekly feature article. Hope y’all have a great weekend! x Keep it stylish.


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