4 FABULOUS Vegan Make up products!

4 Fabulous Vegan and Organic Make up products!


Vegan Make up Starter Kit

Are you looking for well priced organic make-up which also happens to be vegan?! Well you’re in the right spot. I’ve been replacing a lot of my make up products recently with organic versions and today I’m bring you 4 Fabulous Vegan Make up products! These are my go to products for a simple makeup base. I’ve included foundation, concealer, powder and a brush. This could be like a Vegan Starter Make-up Kit!

1: Foundation – Lavera Minearl Liquid Foundationl £10.99 30ml


Since changing my foundation to this organic one I notice I’m using a lot less product and my skin doesn’t break out anymore. Hallelujah!! This foundation is great because it has a built in pump so it’s really easy to dispense. Two pumps does my entire face and neck. I use it along with my concealer and the two blend very nicely.

My preferred way of applying foundation is with a brush, so I did that with this foundation, moving in circular motions. I worked it into my skin quite quickly as it does dry quicker than other foundations I’ve used. I only ever use one layer and the coverage it gives on my skin I would describe as light to medium. It doesn’t at all look cakey, it looks natural. I’ve also recently bought a darker shade so I can do contouring on my face. The shades I use are True Ivory and Almond Amber.

2: Concealer – Lavera Cover Stick £5.99 – 4.5g


I use this concealer just on parts I want to lighten. I don’t use it under my eyes as it’s quite heavy. When I used it directly under my eyes it has that effect of sinking into fine lines and highlights them rather than concealing them!

For other parts of the face it’s perfect especially on darker marks or scarring. I use the shade Ivory.

3: Powder – Lavera  Fine Loose Mineral Powder £9.99


This powder is INCREDIBLE! It feels so light and my skin feels like it can breath with it on. If I’m wearing make-up for a full day into night, I top it up once throughout the day. It comes with a little pad to apply it but I prefer using a powder brush. I think pads soak up a lot of product so I prefer using a brush. I ran out of this recently and used a Smashbox powder and my skin broke out, I was so disappointed!!! So I will always buy two of these from now on to be stocked up!

4: Mattifying Finishing Brush – Eco Tools £8.99



This is a lovely soft brush made with sleek bamboo handles and is 100% cruelty free. To me it’s a basic must have brush that does is exactly what it needs to do and that’s apply powder to my face! Nothing more, nothing less!

I picked up the 4 fabulous vegan make-up products from Lavera on Amazon.co.uk and the Eco Tools brush from Boots.

The foundation is out of stock on amazon but www.lavera .co.uk have a brand new foundation which looks even better than this one! Click here to go see! They also have a new concealer but the fabulous loose mineral powder is still there.

If you want to check out another brand which does vegan makeup, I did a video review of Technic you can see here.

Hope you have a great day! x

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