A – Z of Electric Picnic 2015

month to go people! Well not even. 26 days to be exact. The countdown is on.

Blur: Not the feeling you may have the morning after but the band. Never seen them live and can’t wait.

Cassy OOOOOOOOOOO Oh please don’t leave George Ezra because I kinda love your songs.

David O’Doherty makes me happy. With his short legs and keyboard he’ll bring laughter to many.

Eat. Important to not forget this amidst all the drinking and tomfoolery. Fuel your body.

Future Islands. Seasons (Waiting on you) tune.

Girl Band: Not a girl in sight. Love their song Lawman. Incredible act live.

Ham Sandwich. Showcasing Irish talent at its finest. The lineup this year is soooo good!

It all works out by The Riptide Movement is going to seriously have everyone singing in unison.

Jurassic 5: I’ve got some serious old skool love for these hip hopidee hoppers.

Kiss with a fist by the brilliant Florence and The Machine. Hope her set is as fabulous as EP 2009.

Le Galaxie: Love these guys and am seriously hoping they aren’t clashing with some other cracking act.

My Morning Jacket: YES! So excited to hear this music in a festival setting. #decisions

Not heard of Django Django? You have to go check them out.

Of course there are SO many marvelous acts not on this A-Z. #Jape #Interpol #andtherest

Plastic bags on their heads, Rubberbandits back to feed the hungry festival goers looking for chuckles.

Queue for ATM? At a festival? Don’t be that guy. Bring cash. Wear a bum bag if you have to keep it safe.

Roisin Murphy: Her music and style is so on point. Her new album is beautiful.

Shamir: He’s only 20! I love him like how I love Iggy Azalea. Can’t wait to see what he’s wearing.

Tame Impala: Such stunning music coming out of Australia. Top tunes. Cause I’m a man woman.

Underworld: Can’t beat a bit of Underworld. Still going strong.

Villagers: Incredible Irish music alert. Can’t wait to catch them live. It’s going to be brilliant.

Wellies: Don’t risk ruining any footwear. Bring some wellies.

Xeromorphic is an ability you don’t have because you’re not a plant, so drink water, stay hydrated.

You’re going to have a magnificent time at Electric Picnic 2015.

Zizzag you’re way all over the festival. Don’t stay in the campsite and miss wonderful music, comedy and art.

Staying Stylish

festival Style Angel

Another A-Z sure why not!?

Accessories. Necklaces, rings, earrings, toe rings, hats, they are all great ways to spruce up your look. It can also be an inexpensive way to bling up your outfit. Festivals are a great time to throw caution to the wind and experiment with new styles. Be bold, as bold as you like. Or not so bold, whatever you’re into but know that anything goes style wise at a festival. Just maybe leave the expensive gear at home in case you lose it in a mosh pit or it gets destroyed with muck.

Backpack. Having a bag that you can throw up on your back is so nifty at a festival. It means your arms are totally free to throw up in the air and dance like there’s nobody watching. (There’s only a few thousand possibly watching) If you don’t have a backpack try for something you can wear across your body so you don’t have to worry about dropping it.

Camping. If you’re over the age of 18 you may appreciate Boutique camping. With 24/7 security, serviced and maintained toilets & showers, pamper room and cafe it’s camping in style. If you’re going with a gang renting a Yurt or Tipi doesn’t work out too expensive.  Also this year eight custom-designed bespoke pods, designed by some of Ireland’s leading architects, were commissioned for exhibition at this year’s festival. During the day they’re open to the public; by night they become luxury homes to a select number of campers.

Dry shampoo. It’s a given right! You can get a can for under 3 euro. Day 2 and 3 of a festival needs dry shampoo. Don’t hold it too close to your scalp, spray and rub it in well so you can’t see any white marks (or brown depending on your colour choice.)

Ear protectors. If you’re bringing little ones it’s always a good idea to have these on hand as the music inside of the tents can get prettttty loud.

Fringing. To fringe or not to fringe that is the question. Is it too cliche? I’m all about wearing whatever you want in which case if you want to wear it then why not. You could always just wear it in a subtle way like maybe have a bag with fringing. The old saying a little fringing goes a long way!

Gloves. It’s a good idea to bring a pair because the temperature can really drop during the night. You may still be up raving in the woods at 4am so maybe you’ll want warm hands. Or maybe you’ll be too busy raving in the woods to care about gloves. But hey who knows.

Headband. I thought I’d see a lot of these last year but to my surprise I didn’t. I think it could be the same this year. You can get some beautiful headpieces these days. Some people may think they look a little ”too festivally” but it is a festival!!! So if you like them go for it. I personally think you can get gorgeous ones that really add something special to an overall look. I’d like to see some blokes wearing them. New hipster trend perhaps?

Inexpensive. Whatever you bring make sure you’re ok with the fact that it could get destroyed or lost. So things, be it clothing, accessories, phones or cameras maybe take the less expensive versions with you. You don’t want to be upset when your Gucci sunglasses get taken off you by an over excited festival goer and snapped on their oversized head as they enthusiastically try them on without your permission.

Jeans. I did jeans last year and they worked out ok but the weather was dry. If it’s raining and muddy and you get weighed down with mucky jeans on it won’t be too pleasant. Muck also stinks when it starts to dry and can be hard to wash out. So I would definitely have an alternative.

Knee length socks. So important when wearing wellies especially when the rest of your legs are bare. You don’t want the tops of your wellies rubbing against your skin. It will burn. Ouch. Wellie burn. Nobody wants burn from a welly!!!!!!

Layering. It’s key to layer at a festival, especially in Ireland when you have literally no idea what kind of weather you’ll get. Lightweight separates that you can easily throw on or peel off work well. Vests, T-shirts, cardigans and jumpers over your shorts, skirts and dresses will work wonderfully.

Micro shorts. I’m all for denim cut offs. But some are so short that you can see peoples bum cheeks but if you want to show your bum off ok fair enough! Last year the amount of denim short shorts I saw was incredible. If you don’t want to be like the crowd perhaps pick something different to wear.

Nails. The possibilities are endless these days. Have a look at my Pinterest here for some great nail art ideas and for helpful tutorials on how to do your own.  (Including tie-dye nails – yes they are as cool as they sound!)

Orange palms. Don’t be that girl or guy. If you’re doing fake tan use a mitt or glove!

Perfume and Prints. A little spritz of your favourite smell after possibly having no shower for three days will be a wonderful treat for you and the people around you! And prints, just GO FOR IT. Floral, leopard whatever you fancy, clash them all, the more prints the more fun I say!

Quilt or fleeced blanket. These are great along with a sleeping bag in case it gets really cold during the night. Also handy for sitting on when you’re chilling out Sunday afternoon listening to the Dublin Gospel Choir on the Main Stage taking the weight off your feet after 18 hours of non stop dancing on the Saturday.

Ray Bans and Rucksacks. The ultimate festival sunglasses but of course other brands will do! They are quite pricey to risk losing. Festivals are always great places to pick up inexpensive sunnies if you need them.

Rucksacks – I’d advise anyone thinking of bringing a wheelie bag to think again. Get a big oul rucksack for your clothes, sleeping bag and food if you’re bringing any. Wheels and mud do not mix.

Sunscreen. Nobody can look stylish with a pink peeling forehead. Be wise, wear sunscreen. #bazluhrmann

Trilby and tights. My festival hat of choice. You can definitely pick one up at the festival if you haven’t got one. They always have a great variety in heaps of different designs and colours. Very handy to cover that wild head of hair that has taken over your head by day three.

Tights – Great at a summer festival because they take up little space in your bag. You can leave the bulky jeans behind if you have some cosy tights. You could even have these on you in your handbag and pop them on if it gets chilly so you wouldn’t have to trek all the way back to your tent to change.

Unofficial Hi-Viz and Reflective jacket. Whether it’s a style statement or you think you’ll get in for free wearing one or backstage they aren’t allowed!

Vests. An excellent base to a festival outfit if you’re unsure of what to go for. Start with a vest and add some layers and whatever you fancy on the bottom.

Waterwipes. They are your best friend at a festival.

XL. Xtra large jumpers and bare legs are a great festival look if you’re looking for ideas.

Y-Fronts. Lads don’t forget your underpants. And for goodness sake bring a spare pair in case you get lucky.

Zip. Having clothes with zips are very handy to keep your money and phone on you safely.

For a more detailed list of what to bring as in EVERYTHING you will need you can visit here

Wellies Style Angel

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