bow of Powerscourt

You’ll find it hard to find a prettier shop than bow of Powerscourt Townhouse on Dublin’s South William street. Opened two years this August the store combines the talents of three incredible women.
Margaret, Wendy and Eilis each bring their designing and findings to this little haven. I feel like I’m entering their home as I step inside their quaint store. It’s like walking through the doors of an old, well kept house in some low key yet glamorous place such as the Hampton’s. All decor is white and wooden. There is a cosy fresh feeling as soon as you step over the threshold..I instantly feel comfortable and at home and ready to potter around.

They sell all sorts of wonderful pieces. A favourite I picked out were these vintage luggage cases.
They are very ‘Murder on the Orient Express’. I would love to buy one of these but at €80, today they do not fit my budget. They look historic and used and that’s what is great about them. They are living on through the ages..waiting for the perfect owner to bring them on their travels and create some new exciting memories.

The lovely Wendy and Margaret were in store when I wandered in. Wendy was a great help to me on the day and I know that whether it be herself, Margaret or Elis in store when you arrive, they will drop what they are doing and give you the help you may need. (Even if they are discussing Elis’ latest feature in Stellar magazine-a testimony to the talent that lies within these walls)

I felt like I was in a museum at times. But that’s a good thing because I like museums. Everything looked perfectly in place. It was all very neat and the price tag was marked clearly on each hand-written tag.
The experience of shopping in bow to me was perfect. There aren’t too many bundles of clothes, there isn’t rail upon rail of jam packed stock. There are a number of pieces and that’s it. You can see everything clearly and it makes for very easy shopping. Jewellery sits on old school jewellery boxes and there are rich deep wooden features such as the centre piece table holding lovely little wonderments.
It is such a relaxing store with its soft lighting and nothing is in your face or annoying. It doesn’t even feel like a store, more like rooms joined together filled with creative vintage finds! As I said before like a home.. decorated with a fabulous wardrobe!
Vintage leather skirt and shirt both €75
Some beautifully made delicate bows above caught my eye as soon as I entered bow. Added to almost anything they would create a pretty dainty feel. At €70 I thought surely I could make these myself for cheaper. But then I thought of the effort, the patience, the sourcing of material, and suddenly it seemed like a good investment. Especially supporting an Irish designer.
Lace Cape €220
This lace cape actually made me gasp and get excited! It is just gorgeous! So glamorous, I’d wear it with anything and feel like a million dollars!
Dress €375
And this fabulous glitzy dress would be perfect for a night out whether it be a fancy dinner party or hot club in town. It is pure elegance and would be flattering for every skin tone and every figure.
Lou Lou Belle Bag €200
A perfect addition to the above dress. Plenty of room for all essentials : )
Bow chain €75
This bow necklace is so very clever. It felt to me like a lazy man’s Dickie bow. I have always wanted to wear a Dickie bow. How very masculine and sharp. This I think will be what I will wear instead. It’s just a little piece of brilliance in my eyes. Super stylish, slick neck wear.
Grey studded dress €375                                  Polk dot dress  €300
Vintage Bag €150
I just love this brown vintage leather bag. It looks effortless and classy. It looks like it has so much history and is the most stylish weekend bag a lady could carry with her.
I came away from bow feeling slightly embarrassed. In all my years I have bought whatever I have liked and rarely thought about how it was made or where it came from. My attitude has changed. It’s time I saved my money and invested in decent hand made Irish designs. They stand the test of time. Everything in bow will look as incredible now as it will in seventy years time.
It’s a whole other article about buying cheap versus investing in expense but I believe good quality is worth investing in and that is what bow has on offer. Impecable quality. I want to congratulate bow on bringing beautiful vintage and newly made creations to my attention. I will return for my leather case and a well made dress when I have my €500 in hand.

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