I LOVE colour. In my hair , on my lips, a lick of it on my nails, wherever I can immerse myself in it I go for it with full gusto. This season is all about colour with a huge, beaming, vibrant capital C. I am in heaven.

Living in Dublin I have trudged through the wintry months of past in greys and browns and now I am fully ready to get on the colourful love train and have everyone jump on board with me.

I know there are many people who will stay in the safety of black, but I urge you people to give colour a chance. I wish the LBD (little black dress for those of you who are not in the know) didn’t exist. I long for it to be replaced with the LRD or how about the LYD?
How wonderful it would be to see fabulous luscious vivacious pink dresses, mouth watering orange dresses, dare I dream of a little blue dress, on you previous black dress addicts! Wearers of black prepare yourselves, because if you haven’t been to the shops in awhile, the colour brigade is about to blind you.

The Spring/Summer 2011catwalks were engulfed with bright hues. Across the board it was a rainbow of boldly clashing blocks of colour. Jill Sander, Gucci and Prada fell deeply for the clashing of colours. Jill Sander showed a magnificent fusion of a pink blouse, tangerine flared trousers and blue over sized cardie/coat. While Diane Von Furstenberg sent a wonderful green silk flowing skirt accompanied with a yellow soft halter neck down the runway. My rainbow friends I know you are getting excited.

For our ladies who love to wear black don’t go into hiding just yet. These bold beauties can be teamed with your best colour friend. If you are too nerved at full on colour blocking opt for a bright shoe perhaps. Christian Dior does a fabulous blue pair. Or if not a shoe maybe a scarf or a tangerine bag done exquisitely by Marc Jacobs. By dabbling just a little in having a small pop of colour, you’ll be on trend and still feel oh so safe.

If you do feel like saying stuff it to the black ( come on even just for the sunny days! ) try teaming your colourful pieces with neutral tones. A white blouse and coloured jeans=perfect. A colourful top and camel trousers=oh so nice. A yellow top, pink flared jeans, blue wedges and red lipstick= now you’re talking!

The high street does colour terrifically. Topshop have a great selection of eye popping electric yellows and cobalt blues and fuchsia pink wedges. (that made my heart skip a beat)
The newest of the New Look stores in Dublin’s City Centre is known for it’s great selection of comfortable on trend shoes and it doesn’t disappoint this season. It has every colour you could possibly want. H&M have perfect gold jewellery to accompany your colourful outfit.(And the dinkiest little belts)

Everywhere on the high street you’ll see colour splashed, so there will be no getting away from it.
It’s a happy and fun trend so please just go for it and enjoy it.The only rule I would keep to is to Try It On.
It may just surprise you and work splendidly.
All aboard the colourful train. Next stop wide stripes..(Oh dear..)

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