Dying your own clothes

I’ve had this blazer for a few years and I never wear it anymore because the colour does nothing for me! I needed a black blazer and because this one fits me perfect I thought I would try dying it myself.


So I headed to Hickey’s Fabric shop and got this Dylon dye in the colour Velvet Black. I picked up salt too while I was there because you need that too. It came to about 14 euro.

Dye Kit

Then I washed my blazer to make sure it was clean of dust in order to get an even dye job. Then I followed the very simple instructions.

Step 1: Place the salt in your washing machine drum.

Step 2: Add the dye.

Step 3: Add your garment you want to dye.

Step 4: Put your washing machine on at a 40 degree wash.

Step 5: That’s it! To clean the drum of your washing machine just put another dark wash on and after that it will be back to normal.

I’m thrilled with the results! Now I can wear my jacket again 🙂 No need to get a new black blazer 🙂 Maybe you have something in the back of your wardrobe you could give a new lease of life to by dying it?

Dye Job Result

Black suit Style Angel
Black suit Style Angel

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