Electric Picnic 2015

Well that was an interesting 6 weeks of limited internet access! I moved house straight after Electric Picnic and have only gotten a decent internet connection sorted now. I’m sorry I said this would be published sooner and it wasn’t.

It was good timing moving straight after the festival because I didn’t go through the post Electric Picnic come down which can be like a heavy cloud consuming your whole self! For anyone who has been before you’ll be able to relate. If you haven’t been and want to know what it’s like, get a ticket and go next year. I have never spoken to anyone who hasn’t had a fantastic weekend at Electric Picnic. This year was no different.


But why why why is it so good? Why is it such a success year in year out? Well I would say, it’s the atmosphere, the incredibly friendly upbeat staff, the decorated woods, the flags, the food, the comedy, the banter, the craic….what else…ah the music! Yes the line up was terrific. My highlights of the weekend included Future Islands, lead singer Samuel T Herrings performance was fantastic! I was genuinely mesmerized by him! I had to include a video of him in this post so you can see his dancing. Those legs! Other highlights were Blur, Tame Impala, The Riptide Movement, dancing in the Surf Laundry Mat Disco, meeting wonderful people, making new friends and seeing old ones.

Ava Leonard Electric Picnic

I was so busy enjoying myself I only took a few photos. I was there in a non work way so I hope the few pictures are enough to give a taste of the Electric Picnic experience. There are so many interesting things to look at on site, the people who organised it deserve a huge pat on the back.

ep2015 050_edited

Just a disco ball mirrored car casually suspended from a crane hanging over the Trailer Park section of Electric Picnic.

ep2015 055_edited_2

ep2015 051_edited

ep2015 054_edited

ep2015 056_edited

ep2015 053_edited

I thought this was a very creative and clever way of creating a USB spot for people to charge their phones in the Pink Moon Camp site.

ep2015 058_edited_2

My Morning Jacket…nice jacket!

my_morning_jacket01_apiPhoto by Leanne Aherne


This year the selection of Irish musicians performing was a real treat. I saw more acts than any other year which made it a more fulfilling experience. A few acts I wanted to see clashed and at times I was just busy having a laugh doing something that I’d forget to check what time it was and miss someone I had planned to see but that’s how festivals go!

I missed Ham Sandwich because I found this wall of socks at the Surf laundry disco and spent ages trying to pair them!

ep2015 049

The style was a mixed bag as usual. There weren’t as many crazy outfits as I hoped for. There was a general stylish look about most people. Lots of denim, fringing and check. George Ezra looked well in his check number. The rest of the festival goers looked well put together, comfortable and all round pretty sharp.

george_ezra04_apiPhoto by Jamie Tanner

The weather stayed dry for pretty much the whole weekend which was perfect. Saturday night as everyone who was there will remember was baltic! But we got through it! Even though it didn’t rain any great deal I was glad I had my wellies for the warmth. I wouldn’t feel as ‘festivally’ without them anyway. But it was great not having to trudge through wet mud or get soaked. Fair play to ye mother nature!


A lot of the famous female ladies attending the festival were rocking their heeled boots. I noticed a few in the VIP area and thought it was bizarre but then realized that they would have been all quite small without them so I imagine they wanted a bit of height to see their favourite bands. So I guess heels at a festival makes sense for the smaller people out there!

blur19_apiPhoto by Gregory Nolan

I thought Blur were great. I’d never seen them live before. I heard people thought they weren’t loud enough. I did notice the volume wasn’t blasting my ear drums but I  was happy with that. They played all their hits and a few off their new album. It was a really good mix.

blur04_apiPhoto by Jamie Tanner

When I arrived back to reality post picnic I thought I’m just going to dress like I’m at Electric Picnic all the time. It’s the style of clothes I feel happiest in and most confident and comfortable. So why not!? I just need some decent boots because I’m not going to wear wellies every day. When I dress like I’m at a festival I just feel happier! So if you notice me dressed like this tomorrow morning walking through a busy city pay no notice…

ava leonard

Tickets for next years Electric Picnic are on sale now. They have special rates until November 30th at Midnight.

€160 if you can prove you’ve been to 3 or more Picnics.
€180 if you can prove you’ve been to the Picnic once/twice before.
€200 if you haven’t been before.



For more information check out EP’s official site here
Until next year Electric Picnic, thank you.

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