How to make a Face Mask the No Sew Method

I wanted to share this video on how to make a face mask no sew method because in 3 days time it will be compulsory to wear face masks here in Ireland when out in a lot of public places. I know this is already the case in a lot of countries. I know some people may not get a chance to get out to buy a mask before Monday or maybe they don’t have the money to buy multiple masks for themselves or their family. Some shops have started to sell out of the masks. That is why I created this video. It is so easy to make this mask, all you need is a scissors and a sock! For those of you would would like to watch the video please do. If you would prefer to read how to make it I have written the method below.

How to make a face mask the no sew method

What you need:

  • A scissors
  • A sock (One sock makes two masks)

Step 1:

Pick out your sock. I chose plain black but you can get as creative as you want!

In a straight line cut above where your heel would sit in.

Step 2:

Next cut along the natural fold of the sock. This opens the sock up in to a square-ish shape.

Step 3:

Next fold the sock back in on itself and fold bottom to top. Now you need to cut in about an inch into the side, which will create the holes for your ear. When you unfold the sock, you will see the square-ish shape with two cuts each side.

That is it! That is how to make a face mask the no sew method! Time to try it on and if you want trim the edges or fold the edges in under itself.

It may sound a little complicated but trust me it isn’t! If you can watch the video you will see exactly what I am trying to explain! Click here to watch it. But hopefully following these steps will be fairly straightforward! 🙂

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