Hydrated skin in 5 minutes!

Hydrated skin in 5 minutes!

I used the Simple 5 Minute Reset Hydrogel Mask for the first time today. It appealed to me because one mask is meant to be equal to 40 days of moisturizer! 40 freakin days!!! That sounded too good to miss out on! Hydrated skin in 5 minutes was just moments away! How FABULOUS!

The product is made by Simple who are known as the Sensitive Skin Experts. I have used their facial moisturizer for many years so I was excited to try this mask out! Love the packaging. It’s fresh, clean, clear and dare I say simple! Hydrated skin in 5 minutes! LETS GO!

The Process

To start, I cleansed my face, then opened up the mask and stuck it on. It comes in 2 sections, one for your forehead and one for around your mouth. I LOVED the fact it stayed stuck to my face while I was upright. I was able to wander round the house doing other bits while the time passed by! ( The whole five minutes!)

It tingled a little bit while it was on but nothing painful! It felt like it was working! After the 5 minutes I took the mask off and because I had some excess gel left, I rubbed it into the skin on my neck. It is so important to remember to look after the skin on our necks too!

The results: Hydrated skin in 5 minutes?

I am delighted! Did I get hydrated skin in 5 minutes? YES! My face definitely looks more dewy. It still feels a little tingly but it also feels incredibly nourished. I feel like I have a glow to my tired looking face! I’m very happy with it. For €2.67 in Tesco ( currently 33% off) you can’t go wrong. A lovely mask that will hydrate skin in 5 minutes! I would definitely recommend it. 😊

I had a look to see can you buy them online and you can get a box of 20 at Amazon so I will definitely be stocking up!

Or spread them out among friends! What a lovely little treat to get!😁

Get it now in the link below!

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