D.I.Y denim shorts

I love denim. It is so versatile, classic and easy to wear. I’ve had a few pairs of jeans that I was going to throw out as they were worn out. Then I realized they would be perfect to turn into shorts! Denim shorts are such a great option for winter and summer. Just add those nice thick tights for the chilly days.

Denim Shorts Style Angel

When I decided I wanted the denim shorts I just got stuck in straight away. Afterwards I looked up online how to make them ( I didn’t have the patience to wait and look before, I just wanted to have the shorts on me right away!) A lot of people on numerous blogs and on youtube went through 10 steps, 20 steps, 15 steps on how to make them! Here’s what I did in 3 steps! and what you can do too to get the above shorts.

Step 1: Try the jeans on and make a mark where you want the shorts to end. Take them off and cut them to the length you want.

Step 2: To make them look more lived in cut slits, 3, 4 or more depending on how much fray you want. Have the slits going in a row under each other. That’s that part done! Once you wash them they will fray. You can fray them more by taking your scissors or a tweezers to them and pulling out the blue threads. I also took a razor to parts of mine to make them look more worn.

Denim DIY shorts Style Angel

Denim cut offs Style Angel

I didn’t do too many slits on the back because I don’t want to be flashing too much back there!

Denim cut offs back Style Angel

Step 3: Wash them and vola, you have yourself some cool cut offs!

Denim diy shorts by Style Angel

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