Today I’m wearing…

Pink pleated skirt Style Angel

Some pink pleats are the order of the day. I’ve dipped in and out of pink throughout my life. Right now I’m back in it again. I like it with black and navy. I think they compliment it well. They let the pink pack the punch. Some days all I want is to wear head to toe black. On these days I will sometimes force myself to add a bold splash of colour which is what I did today. I’m wearing a black dress with feathered shoulders. The feathers are artificial in case you’re concerned!

The pink pleated skirt is very easy to wear. I love this style of skirt for its femininity. I think when you wear a pleated skirt you instantly look more put together. I’m wearing  black skinny jeans underneath because I just wasn’t in the mood for getting my legs out today. It’s actually a little bit cold out anyway! I think it makes it look a little more casual which is what I was going for. The heels I think balance everything out because they flash some foot flesh. Scandalous! Hope you all have a fabulous day. I’ll be back in the morning flashing more flesh! (Or less maybe!-wow I’m wild!)

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