SOSU Beauty Nail Review

Hi everyone!

A very Happy New Year to you. I hope it has started well! As I write this I am finishing off the last of the Christmas chocolate Santa’s!!! Oh my word HOW is there any chocolate still left!!!


I have been wanting to try SOSU Nails for ages but I have been really happy with my current nail of choice so I just kept using them. Seeing as it’s a New Year I thought I would just take the leap and give them a go! wow I’m SO wild!

These are the style I went for. ”The Wedding Nail”, a medium length stiletto (pointed) shape nail.

These were my favourite by far. I thought they looked elegant and classy. They cost €9.95 and include a nail file and buffer, glue, 24 nails and a little wooden cuticle stick pusher thingy!!!


The nails are medium length and stiletto shape which I find very flattering. I guess people wear false nails for different reasons. I wear them to elongate my stumpy looking fingers and make them appear longer!

The nail itself is strong and when applied has a slight curve. I have had them on two days now and they are really sturdy. Even as I applied them I thought wow these feel really decent and worth the money!

The Wedding Day style which I have on has this french manicure look about it. It has a really thin white tip which initially I was unsure if I liked but I actually think it cleverly makes the nail appear even longer!


The glue is clear in colour and I love that when you twist the lid off, the glue starts to flow. Some tubes of glue you have to pierce or worse cut! but this one makes it so simple to dispense.

Here is a video to explain all. I hope it covers everything! Thanks for reading and watching!

Chat soon!
Ava x

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