Street Style – Dublin City

Ciara , Dublin
Dress – Second hand shop, London
Jacket – Pennys
Shoes – Dr Martins, London

Bargain buy of outfit? Dress for 2 pound! cheap as chips!

Orla , Dublin

Jumpsuit – H&M
Shirt – Penneys
Shoes – Forever 21
Feather Belt – Was a headband from Urban Outfitters and cleverly turned into a belt

Bargain buy of outfit? Jumpsuit for 19 euro!

Isabel, Wales
T-shirt – H&M
Cardie – Asda
Shorts – Republic
Shoes – Office
Headband – From her Mums wardrobe…love to the trendy mums out there
Bracelets – H&M and Primark
Bargain buy of outfit? Beatles t-shirt for 8 pound!
Roisin , Dublin
Bow bought in New York
Glasses – New Look
T-shirt and hoodie – American Apparel
Skirt – H&M
Tights – Urban Outfitters
Converse – Schuh
Bargain buy of outfit? – T-shirt which cost only 6 euro! Orla got a scissors to it and turned it into the perfect t!
Samantha , Dublin
Denim Waistcoat – Fresh
Leopard print cardie – No Name
Black top and denim skirt – Penneys
Tights and shoes – Penneys
Bargain Buy of outfit? – Tights were only a euro and the leopard print cardie 5 euro!
Sylvia , Dublin
Each piece Sylvia has on her cost under 10 Euro. She is head to toe in gear which is all from various charity shops. She buys an item if she likes a particular detail on it, maybe if it has a certain structure to it or certain buttons..she hones in on details rather than the overall piece..then will take the garment home, take it apart, add it to something, re-jig it, turning it into its very own new creation. An amazing way of reusing clothes and putting her own stamp on each piece.
Marie , Wales
Necklaces – Gifts
T-shirt – E-bay
Waistcoat – from a friend
Skirt – E-bay…it was a top but Marie made it into a skirt..nice work!
Belt – Glastonbury
Bracelets – Bought at various festivals
Boots – from a friend So everyone..befriend generous stylish people in hope they will pass a few bits your way!

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